Corrales Solar Contractor

Do you live in Corrales and have a roof that is good condition? Are you paying $50 or more each month for electricity?

If you answered yes, then you could be eligible to install solar panels on your roof.  Sol Luna Solar is the preferred Corrales solar contractor. We serve New Mexico in both residential, commercial and utility scale solar panel technology. Our installation services are superior because of our attention to detail and quality solar equipment including our modules and inverter technology.

There are many benefits to installing solar on your home in Corrales, New Mexico.

Here are our top 5 reasons to go solar! 
  • Installing solar panels allows homeowners to eliminate their current electricity bill.
  • Long-term savings allow the homeowner to control their electricity costs for the life of the solar system, unaffected by yearly increases from the utility company. The average increase is 3-4% per year! 
  • Customers are eligible to take advantage of tax savings. The Solar investment Federal tax credit allows for a 30% tax credit to homeowners who install solar and have a tax appetite at the end of the year.
  • With simple, local financing options, homeowners can easily afford to go solar.
  • Installing solar panels adds value to your home, increasing its profitability if you ever decided to sell!

Sol Luna Solar is a licensed Corrales solar contractor. Our installations services in Corrales and beyond are regarded for our experience and vision. The team at Sol Luna Solar delivers excellent communication, experience, and professionalism on every job. With a 100% customer satisfaction commitment, homeowners can be confident their solar panel installation will benefit them well into the future.

Want to find out how you can go solar? Contact us at 505-455-8875 for a FREE solar consultation and site evaluation.

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System Size: 6.0 kWdc