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Sol Luna Solar Commercial Services

Whether you are a small New Mexico business or large school district looking to offset your district’s usage, we have superior commercial solar services to fit your budget and project goals.  New Mexico offers an abundance of sunshine allowing business, schools, and municipal entities to capitalize on the benefits of switching to solar powered electricity.

Our end to end commercial services will allow your business to reduce operating expenses while integrating clean, sustainable energy solutions. Sol Luna Solar’s knowledge, products, and quality workmanship combine to ensure you long-term profitability and performance.

End To End Commercial Solar and Energy Storage


Sol Luna Solar is a full service EPC, meaning we are equipped to manage and implement the entire scope of your project. We utilize our decades of experience to provide clear and concise project data and pricing, making the decision easier for the customer.  We handle all permitting, building, interconnection and long-term monitoring and maintenance.

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Energy Storage

Commercial Energy Storage is the new frontier of large scale solar systems. Many of our clients are looking to maximize their savings by managing demand. The combined benefit of Solar PV and Battery storage is furthering the long-term cost-effectiveness of renewable energy systems.

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Custom Services

We design and install customized commercial solar solutions that meet the needs of businesses, government agencies, and schools. Each project is unique with varying financial and production goals. Our clients are provided in-depth performance modeling and system design in order to deliver the most optimal solar system at the best possible value.

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Solar Safety Solutions

Sol Luna Solar installs commercial solar systems that include additional layers of safety that go beyond the current code requirements.

In traditional photovoltaic systems high DC voltages are present and pose inherent risks to firefighters, maintenance personnel , and solar installers. The possibility of electrical arcs  from traditional PV systems, can result in fire and threaten the people working or living in the vicinity. Current National Electric Code (NEC) and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) do not provide sufficient safety mechanisms to remove ALL RISKS and ensure a safe working environment.

Our projects include power optimizers connected to PV modules, an inverter, and module-level monitoring. These systems, designed by SolarEdge, have built-in safety features, Safe DC, which eliminates safety risks during installation, maintenance, and firefighting.

Arc Prevention

Arc Prevention

In addition to the built in safety features of the SolarEdge system, SolarEdge inverters are UL1699B certified, providing NEC 2011 690.11 compliance1.