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Say YES To Owning Your Solar Energy System in Rio Rancho!

It’s more affordable and possible than you might think. 

It’s your roof, not theirs! Leasing solar allows solar companies to make money off of your roof, never giving you the chance to take advantage of the actual benefits. At Sol Luna Solar, we don’t lease because we value our customers’ long term financial health.

Sol Luna Solar provides financing plans through reputable, local credit unions. Our partnership with local businesses who offer financing enhances the ‘buy local’ experience and results in higher value and customer service for our homeowners.

Rio Rancho Solar Installer
Residential Solar Installation in Rio Rancho

Professional Workmanship and Service

Sol Luna Solar has decades of solar panel installation experience in Rio Rancho and beyond. Our team of professionals will take your project from start to finish and deliver exceptional customer service and system performance.

We keep the process simple and pricing affordable! Solar installations are performed by local team members and we NEVER SUB-CONTRACT our work, ensuring that each job is delivered to completion with the highest level of integrity and workmanship in the industry.

Still unsure about installing solar? 

Thanks to renewable energy incentives, tax rebates, and industry advancements, our Rio Rancho, NM solar energy solutions are an affordable alternative to traditional energy. What’s more, solar power helps create a cleaner, safer environment for you, your family, and the Rio Rancho community.

Contact our Rio Rancho solar installation team today for a free energy analysis! Our experts will work with you to customize a solution that meets your unique goals, and we’ll cover regulations, designs, permits, paperwork and inspections so you don’t have to. It’s just one of the many reasons our customers love working with us.

Our Rio Rancho Customers Matter!

Sol Luna Solar takes a great pride in every solar system we install in New Mexico. We ensure that each customer is completely satisfied.

“The longevity and success of Sol Luna Solar is driven by our ability to develop long-term relationships with our customers and to ensure satisfaction through sustained solar performance and excellent workmanship. “