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Your Dedicated Placitas Solar Installer

Sol Luna Solar is your preferred Placitas solar installer! At Sol Luna Solar, we LOVE working in Placitas and take great pride in the beauty of the area. The village of Placitas offers a vast landscape and ample access to sunshine. From the building architecture to the large property lots, our team is able to offer Placitas homeowners a wide array of options when installing solar panels.

Customers will appreciate our care and attention to detail. We take great pride in our workmanship and adhere to all local and national electric requirements. In addition, Sol Luna Solar offers full-service solar installation packages. These packages include all permitting, design, and engineering. No hidden fees or additional charges to get you solar project installed.

We build trust - Sol Luna Solar
What type of installation is best for you?

In Placitas, you have many options for your solar panel installation. From roof mount to ground mount installation options, Sol Luna Solar will work with the homeowner to determine the best layout, design, and size of the solar energy system. Our team will put together a proposal that keeps your needs in mind and we’ll offer the very best price and service in the state of New Mexico. We keep the solar installation process simple and seamless.

Our local, family company is committed to serving your needs. Our commitment to the customer exceeds our competitors.

Placitas Solar Testimonial

sol luna solar builds trust Placitas, new mexico