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Commercial Incentives INCREASE Return on Investment

If you are a New Mexico business owner you can REDUCE YOUR OVERHEAD with a solar photovoltaic installation. Businesses are excited to learn about the commercial incentives that come with installing a Solar energy System at their facility.  Payback for the cost your solar system can be achieved in as little as 2-3 years. Sol Luna Solar has helped more businesses, government entities, and school districts achieve energy independence because of our value proposition and ability to supply our commercial customers with affordable, long-term value solar energy and battery storage solutions.

commercial incentives, Solar Energy New Mexico

Financial Benefits

Federal Tax Credit

Eligible businesses can take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit in 2021 and 2022.

Accelerated Depreciation

Businesses can depreciate 100% of the value of the solar installation.

State Tax Credit

Taxpayers are eligible for a 10% tax credit with a value up to $6,000 for solar.


Rural and Agricultural businesses can apply for grants up to 25% for eligible costs.

Past Commercial Clients

Commercial Solar EXPERTS!

Sol Luna Solar has helped many New Mexico businesses transition to independent electricity generation by installing solar photovoltaic systems at their facilities. Our competency, deliverables, and project management success ensure our clients a reliable partner for the future of your business.
Sol Luna Solar will guide your organization through the entire process of going solar! Our knowledgeable team will illustrate the design and financial benefits of solar PV and solar PV plus Battery Storage packages.
Commercial Incentives, Sol Luna Solar
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