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With 100% customer satisfaction and superior installation practices, we are the best choice! We keep our process simple, our pricing affordable, and service excellent!

Nationally Recognized

We are ranked nationally among the TOP COMMERCIAL and utility solar installers. We have decades of experience in commercial rooftop, ground mounted, and solar parking canopy installation.

Full Service Installation

From design and permitting, to installation and final inspections; our customers receive all-inclusive solar installation service. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no worries!

Electric Vehicle Charging network, New Mexico
Battery Storage and Solar PV, New Mexico

Customized solar energy SOLUTIONS for your home.

Our solar energy team provides customized solar designs for roof, ground, and solar parking canopy construction. Want a solar + battery backup package? We’ve got you covered with the industry’s best products and workmanship guarantee!
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From Sun up to Sun down, we’ll put the Sun to work for YOU!
Local Solar Installer, New Mexico Solar Energy Company

Simplified processes mean you can STOP PAYING AND START SAVING! Our local dedicated team will guide you through each step of the process from design and permitting, to installation and maintenance and monitoring.

Our workmanship guarantee and value driven approach ensure each customer receives excellence in quality and support.

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