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How can homeowners save money in Corrales?

Saving money has never been so easy. Corrales customers can ditch their power bill when they switch to solar. The process is simple and results are better when homeowners choose a local solar company. Corrales neighborhoods and businesses are going solar and taking advantage of the benefits and savings available TODAY.

Why are so many of your neighbors are going solar in Corrales?

Corrales Solar Installer
Have you noticed an increase in your electricity bill? 
Utility rates rise an average of 4% every year. Corrales homeowners can avoid paying higher future electricity costs by installing solar panels on their roof today!
By installing a solar energy system, New Mexico customers will eliminate their power bill, save money, and increase home value.

Better cash and financing options for Corrales solar installation

We offer both options! Take advantage of excellent cash payment terms that allow homeowners to pay for their system in increments throughout the project cycle. Corrales customers can also access in-state financing offered by local partners. It’s part our desire to keep money and business LOCAL. We’ve found that when customers choose locally owned companies for their solar installation and pair that with local financing options, the customer is able to receive the support and care for long-term solar success.

Corrales solar installer

A Corrales installer you can TRUST!

solar testimonials

Honesty – Our team provides solar installation information that is clear, concise, and backed by research. No exaggerations, just high performance equipment, 100% customer satisfaction, and excellent support and warranties.

40 years of construction and electrical experience means there is no other company you can trust more with your installation.

Local, family owned and operated – Don’t let a national company make you feel like one of the herd. Let Sol Luna show you the personal touch that you are looking for.

I got estimates from practically every solar installer in Albuquerque. From the first visit, Sol Luna Solar was the most professional, most prepared and knowledgeable, and by far the best price. The installation was very quick and smooth and all the paperwork was done expediently. I can't recommend Sol Luna Solar more highly
Jorge S.
Corrales solar panel installation, time to shine