Utility Scale Solar

Sol Luna Solar has the knowledge and know-how to deliver a full scope project development services for large scale and utility solar deployment. We utilize our very best assets, our people and our construction savvy to enhance the outcomes for utility solar projects

Deliverables You Can Depend Upon

Our specialized services enable our clients to gain more reliable outcomes for their utility solar project. Solar technology has proven to be a reliable investment that will last for many years into the future.

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A Team of Experts

Sol Luna Solar offers qualified and licensed solar experts and engineers. We offer a dedicated management team which can accurately assess the solar energy potential and benefits depending upon the territory, investor requirements, and interconnection nuances for the project.

Sol Luna Solar has a long history of maintaining an equitable workplace. What this means is that we consider ALL of our employees valuable (read more about our employment strategies here) and work to empower each member of our team. By doing this we create value in the people of our organization which is in turn reflected through our workmanship, timeliness, and professionalism.

Locally Sourced

We are committed to employing locally qualified workers and staff, whenever possible, for solar construction, design, and engineering. Locally sourced labor and expertise ensure that more money and benefits stay in our State. We are a proud proponent of local labor utilization and encourage our partners to source labor locally whenever possible.

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A Network that Supports Success

We’ve taken our service model to the next level by collaborating with the local workforce, suppliers, and agencies to guarantee that the local economy benefits from the utility solar installation projects. Our desire desire to capture the energy potential available through large scale solar ‘farms’ has led Sol Luna Solar to develop a wealth of industry relationships from Utilities, State and Local governments, and investors.

We also have a robust network of suppliers and manufacturers that deliver exceptional products and service all within strict timelines and budgets. By collaborating with a wide variety of industry experts and providers we are able to streamline project tasks, ensure deadlines are met, and maintain a higher level of dependability during the design, equipment procurement, and construction of the utility scale solar project.

Operations and Maintenance100%

Start to Finish Project Management and Delivery

Sol Luna Solar offers a wide scope of services at higher quality because of our approach to utility scale solar. The capabilities of our expert team ensure that project owners can be confident in the design, quality of construction, and long-term maintenance of the solar project.

We specialize in Large Scale Commercial and Utility construction, with local assets and partnerships that ensure each component of the installation incorporates a larger percentage of the local workforce; thus enhancing the marketability of a large scale solar array.

  • Engineering

    Quality engineering by licensed electrical, civil, and structural engineers.

  • Procurement

    We source the highest quality (tier 1) products from reliable partners with global reach.

  • Construction

    Highest quality construction and project management experience.

  • Operations and Maintenance

    Maintenance contracts that ensure increased up-time and system reliability.