Simple, Stress-less, Lending Options

Not sure which solar financing options are right for you?

Our team of experts will evaluate your project needs and costs to give you the easiest, most sensible solar financing options that fit your budget. By keeping your payments within reach, you are able to install solar PV without over extending your finances.

New Mexico homeowners can take advantage of low interest and local financing options. Our financing partnerships allow homeowners to reap the benefits of solar PV installation in New Mexico.

Santa Fe saves money with Solar

Want To Purchase With Cash?

No worries, no regrets, just honest straight-forward business.

If you have been saving your money and are now ready to purchase your solar panels and installation, Sol Luna Solar offers excellent cash payment terms and a simple process. With low up-front costs, the customer can be confident that our team is going to deliver excellent service and design; making that final payment that much easier.

Sol Luna Solar accepts all major credit cards, cash, or check for payment.