Are All New Mexico Solar Installers Equal?

The Short Answer Is No! Here's Why.

Solar installation companies in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Taos, offer a wide variety of products, with modules and inverters being sourced from various manufacturers. Each installer offers a unique scope of services as well.
Sol Luna Solar stands by its promise to provide higher quality products and enhanced services, that eliminate worry and provide long-term results for the consumer.
Currently, New Mexico is home to approximately 102 solar installation companies, and that number continues to grow as new startups and national corporations begin taking advantage of the robust solar market in our State.
With so many options available for whom you can choose for your solar installation; the question is no longer if you should go solar; but with whom?
Differentiating yourself in the growing market is key, and Sol Luna Solar has developed a business model that focuses on the key component of any solar installation; you, the client.
Everyday we see advertisements flooding the internet that promise bigger returns, better incentives, and higher quality. It is important for the client to do their research and choose a company that truly stands by their guarantees and promotes positive business practices within the industry.
Choosing your solar installer should be a stress-less process and to accomplish that Sol Luna Solar values the core of our organization which is to deliver our services and products, adhering to solar industry best practices.
What are best practices?
Simply put, best practices for the industry maintain that a solar installation company shall engage in business sales, marketing, and installation with honesty and integrity. Our sales advisors deliver honest, straightforward information to prospective clients. We do not engage in  exaggerated production claims or inflated quality information.
Trust is important and we start from day one by providing website and marketing information that is accurate, and to the point. For our organization, transitioning customers to solar is about the experience and rewards that come from the solar installation. While it is easy to say that a solar installation will provide great benefits to the customer; we choose to show it through our superior workmanship, quality products and services, and enhanced system monitoring and support.
Our partnership with our customers is unique in that we continue a relationship with them long after the project has been installed. Our long-term monitoring capabilities both internally (via our installation monitoring dashboard) and externally (via the customer dashboard) provide long-term system analysis and oversight that are unparalleled among our competition.
Know your installer before you go solar. Check out our guide to help you determine which solar installation company is right for you.

Honest, Straightforward Solar Installation. 

Sol Luna Solar offers industry leading services and products to New Mexico homeowners!
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