Solar Best Practices In New Mexico

A Guide To Choosing Your Solar Installation Company

  • Is the company local, founded and based in New Mexico?

    It’s important to choose a local solar installation company for your electric needs. By choosing local you not only commit to providing revenue for New Mexico’s economy (money that will stay in the state), but also, you have a partner based in your location who can deliver warranty claims and guarantees without added hassle.

  • How many years of relevant proven experience does the company have?

    Experience is key. This can determine whether a project is permitted without issue, installed following AHJ (state and local) regulations, and meet National Electric Code requirements. When installing solar on your roof or on the ground, it is essential that the installation company have years of electrical and building/construction experience in order to not only provide a valuable solar installation but also, prevent damage to your home or exterior landscape during the building process. Added safety comes with experience, and Sol Luna Solar is able to deliver higher quality and service because of our 40 years of residential and commercial building and electrical experience.

  • How did you hear about the company?

    Too often we see new marketing campaigns that mislead the consumer into thinking they are going to receive a higher benefit for their solar installation. Some advertisements claim to offer state incentives that are not available or FREE solar installation. These misleading practices not only hurt the customer, but also, give the entire solar industry a bad reputation.

    Our goal is always to provide clear, honest information regarding our products, their warranties, and our installation performance and service. By doing this, we create trust immediately starting at the moment when customers see our advertisements or interact with our website.

  • Do the products offered provide added value, safety, and performance?

    Customers have a choice when going solar. Prices vary, and a customer can choose between higher priced equipment or more economical brands. A customer’s objective should always be to weigh the value proposition of the solar installation. How and when will you see your return? Purchasing a solar system should be about functionality and long-term performance. Paying too much for a solar system diminishes its reward and value. Sol Luna Solar installs Canadian Solar modules paired with Solar Edge inverters. The efficiency, dependability, and warranty guarantees of our equipment increase value for the consumer at much lower investment costs than our competitors.

  • Are contracts clear, concise, and easy to understand?

    In accordance with solar industry best practices, Sol Luna Solar offers clients simple estimates and quotes for solar installations. A solar agreement/contract should be the least of your worries as you move toward your goal of owning a solar electric system. To do this, we keep our contracts simple (a maximum of 4 pages) and easy to interpret. No hidden fees or fine print here. We simply provide factual performance data, warranty guarantees, and installation information.

  • Will you own your system?

    For a period, the market was flooded with leasing opportunities; but the industry has proven that a leased solar system adds far less value to the customer’s residence. In fact, leases diminish home value; unlike system ownership which increases the value of your home. Customers who own their solar electric system are able to take advantage of REC program offerings (PNM customers) and federal (30%) tax credits. With ownership you’ll also avoid issues that arise when trying to resell your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

  • Have you met the owners or principals in the company?

    At Sol Luna Solar you’ll not only partner with a local company, but also, you’ll get to know the owners and principals of our organization. Why is this important? Everyday we make purchases from corporate entities that are national/global brands. Imagine the pains we go through just to warranty our I-phones or other technological equipment. A solar installation company needs to be versatile, grow with you, and provide easy equipment replacement if needed. By developing a relationship with our clients, we ensure accountability for our products and services.

There are many choices in new Mexico when you consider a solar installation. Go with a company that provides honest, straightforward information and delivers high quality services. If you want to learn more about Sol Luna Solar’s customer commitment and best practices visit ‘Why Choose Us’.

Honest, Straightforward Solar Installation. 

Sol Luna Solar offers industry leading services and products to New Mexico homeowners!
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