Technology Brief, Solar Inverters


Inverters play a major role in the health and production of your solar system. The inverter, also considered the brain of your entire PV System,  is the essential component needed to convert Direct Current (DC) from a solar module into a utility frequency called alternating current (AC). The alternating current is used locally in your home or fed back into the grid when not in use.

Are all inverters equal?

No. There are a lot of good inverters in the marketplace with various technology benefits. Our team spent many of our earlier years researching, testing, and comparing different inverters. Our research led us to the Solar Edge and the highly efficient and safe Solar Edge inverter technology.

Solar Edge is a cutting edge inverter manufacturer. They have emphasized safety and efficiency in their inverter systems and have delivered just that to residential and commercial PV system owners.

With power optimizers that perform at a module level, Solar Edge is able to maximize the power production for each module through module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT), therefore lowering energy costs for the PV system owner.  Solar Edge has also incorporated a DC shutdown feature making it safer for installers, utility maintenance workers, and firefighters.

The New Age of Inverter Is On Its Way

In 2016 Solar Edge was the Intersolar Winner for their new HD Wave Solar Edge Inverter which will usher in the latest technology and will allow for better optimization of the PV system. The HD Wave will have a smaller footprint than traditional inverters and is expected to increase production with its 99% efficiency rating, thus improving the return on investment for customers.

Sol Luna Solar is a Solar Edge partner and will offer the latest technology as it arrives. If you would additional information please visit SolarEdge.

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