Full-Service Solar Provider


Full Service Solar Provider

Full Service Solar Provider

Not all installers are alike and not every installation company can deliver on its full service solar provider commitment. As an electrical and general construction contractor, Sol Luna Solar achieves its full-service commitment by providing all of our services in-house; from start to finish. Our talented team of professionals take care of the customer, each step of the way.

Initial Site Visit and Energy Assessment

Our energy advisors start the process by visiting your home to review your physical site requirements and budgetary requirements. Through careful evaluation of your home and energy usage, we are able to ensure that the product will meet your needs.

Direct Financing and Cash Ownership

Our financing partners offer several options both through local providers and national energy loan specialists that help you cover the costs of your solar system. With innovative payment schedules and options, we are able to deliver clients a solar system that costs the same or less than their current energy expenditures; knowing that in a matter of a few years, they’ll produce FREE electricity for their home or business.

Custom Solar Systems

Sol Luna Solar provides product designs that are specifically tailored to the customer’s location, roof requirements, usage needs, and energy goals. Each of our systems are designed in compliance with state electrical building codes and NEC requirements. Our design team and permitting manager make sure that permits are submitted and complete and that additional approvals such as Home Owner’s Association compliance is taken care of prior to installation.

Our installation team consists of qualified electricians and NABCEP project managers who have valuable experience in solar and who apply best practices throughout the process. Sol Luna Solar is one of the few solar companies that is licensed as a building contractor AND as an electrical contractor. Our NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners) project manager oversees daily operations and ensures that each project has the highest level of workmanship, and are in compliance with NEC (national electric code) and State regulations.

Monitoring the Solar System

Smart home technology has changed the solar market by allowing customers to easily access and track performance of their solar system. Customers are able to verify that their solar system is online and is meeting performance standards. Energy monitoring systems are FREE to the customer and provide clients with real-time solar energy production data. In addition, Sol Luna Solar monitors each system from our headquarters and we are able to alert our customers if known issues occur, rather than waiting for our clients to let us know there has been an issue. By helping our customers monitor their system performance, we are able to guarantee our customers a payback and energy generation that will exceed expectations for years to come.

Support and Warranty

We offer a best in class warranty to our customers and provide ongoing support for the life of the system. From start to finish, we are here to answer your questions, and encourage our clients to seek our knowledge and support with any issues, concerns, or complications that may arise during the process. Once installed, we complete our full service solar provider guarantee by continuing a partnership with our clients, that ensures your system will be operational for many years to come. 

Choose Full-Service. Choose Sol Luna Solar.

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