We are local and proud of it


As a local solar installer, we are constantly faced with the realities of being in competition with national corporations. In New Mexico, almost any business can agree that it is a great challenge to go up against both your local competitors and national corporations. 
How do we succeed? 

Sol Luna Solar grew from humble beginnings; starting with a Construction company that flourished and found success in the addition of solar to its product line. Our decision to expand to the solar market was the right one and our growth can be attributed to two main components: our small but mighty team of professionals and our ability to leverage our ZERO debt standing in order to foster relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. This relationship has allowed us to negotiate better pricing for high performance components. 

Sol Luna Solar is backed by nearly four decades of successful service both in construction and solar. Los Ebanistas Inc., our parent company, has prospered over many years by dedicating itself to slow and steady growth. 

Many times, we have been asked how we can continue to succeed against a growing market with increasingly more competition. 

Our response is simple: 

“We are local and are very proud of that designation. There is no better combination than that of a local company that cares about the community and local energy in the form of solar power made right at home.” 

We’ve built our organization around the idea that ‘every New Mexican deserves affordable electricity’,  and we developed our mission to lower electricity costs for all customers in New Mexico. At Sol Luna Solar we are deeply committed to do just that. We believe that each of you deserves access to electricity that can be locally harvested, provide power to your home, and lower your electric costs. 

Six ways we make solar more affordable
  1. Full-service installation – We offer one all-inclusive project package price which includes: design, permitting, engineering, installation, system inspection and commissioning, and monitoring. 
  2. Realistic financing made for you – We have several financing options that lower the stress of purchasing a solar system.
  3. Small team, big service – We’ve created a team of industry professionals that understands the value of taking care of the customer and producing exceptional workmanship.
  4. Efficient components– we use only safe and highly efficient components that offer dependable warranties backed by well developed companies. 
  5. Long-standing manufacturer and supplier relationships which equate to better pricing – We can’t say it enough. Supplier relationships directly impact our ability to guarantee our customers they are getting the best price for the service and system provided. 
  6. Honest, straightforward design and quoting – You can have a fancy proposal, but it will cost you in the long run. Our sales force makes buying solar simple: the beauty doesn’t need to be on a piece of paper; rather, it is realized by the effectiveness of our product and how it provides savings to you. 

Why wait until the summer rush?

Start making electricity today and create savings for tomorrow.

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