Solar Growth in 2017

Solar Market Growth Influences

As 2016 comes to a close, our team at Sol Luna Solar is looking ahead to a bright future. Affordability will take center state in 2017. We have long valued the idea of making solar more affordable to our consumers and have established that principal as a founding component of our organization. The value of solar is achieved when every roof in our communities can be utilized with solar power. This integration will reduce our carbon footprint, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and ultimately establish sustainable communities throughout New Mexico.

2017 Driving Forces in the Solar Market:

Direct Ownership will be premier: Customers are more aware today of the value-less appeal of leases. As we enter 2017, more and more customers will opt for direct ownership options, which even with financing, allow the customer to retain the value of their roof without losing valuable tax credits, home values, and long-term revenue. For more information about direct ownership please visit our Financing section.

Module Prices will influence growth: More affordable module pricing means savings for the consumer. High cost modules are no longer competitive in the market with manufacturers such as Canadian Solar, which rank #2 worldwide for module production. By producing such a large capacity, Canadian Solar is able to charge far less for its modules than other manufacturers. The same goes for many of the top module manufacturers worldwide. Consumers want manufacturers that offer great warranties and provide a stable financial backbone. You want your model manufacturer to be a bankable organization.

Utility Driven Exits: Another component that is pushing solar growth is the increased hardship utilities are facing as our current grid systems become obsolete. These systems are aging and costing the consumer a lot of money to operate. The capacity to produce energy within communities or directly at home is becoming increasingly more important, as aging coal plants and transmission lines require a larger investment to repair and maintain. Consumers are aware of these costs and are planning their exit; via renewable investments to reduce dependence upon the grid.

Battery Technology Advancements: Some of the biggest factors for going solar in 2017, will be the prospect of transitioning to electric vehicles and off-grid battery options. The release of new electric vehicle technologies combined with the affordable integration options, mean customers can remove their dependence upon oil for transportation. In order to power these vehicles, consumers are turning to solar energy, with charging station options that provide power right at home. Customers are also preparing for the integration of new battery technologies that are far more efficient and affordable than traditional off-grid options; making the ability to function without grid power much more appealing.

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