Product Features

Delivering high quality and great value!

Providing Better Solar

At Sol Luna Solar we have long believed that in order for our company to be successful, we must take care of our number one (1) priority; you, the customer. To achieve this we incorporate the very best technology on the market, providing our clients with a powerful tool for producing electricity via the Sun.

We ensure that our installed systems out-perform and exceed customer expectations. By setting high standards, we are able to build better solar systems, that function for years to come and provide lasting benefits to our clients.

When you partner with Sol Luna Solar, you can be confident that your Solar System is going to be built better, the electrical work will be cleaner, and the crew will exhibit the highest level of professionalism and respect throughout the project.

Workmanship That Gets Noticed

At Sol Luna Solar, our staff and crew members follow a strict performance guideline; that our workmanship will always be clean, effective, and most importantly safe. By focusing on these key components to our installations, we have earned high regards from clients and inspectors.

Our parent company, Los Ebanistas Construction Inc. helped set the foundation for providing excellent workmanship in our craft. Our strong knowledge of electrical work and our general construction expertise, ensures that every Solar system we install will work to its fullest capabilities and will look clean and neat; no messy wiring jobs here.

Dependable Modules and Components

Utilizing the very best in modules, racking, and inverters we are able to offer value to our clients. Our products are all UL listed and come from Tier 1 Manufacturers which means clients can expect great performance and dependable warranties from bankable companies that have national and worldwide acceptance in the marketplace.

We’ve developed meaningful relationships with local and national suppliers to ensure that customers receive the best-price and dependability in the industry.

The modules and components are only as good as the person who installs them and we pride ourselves on doing exceptional work on the ground and on your rooftop by adhering to our best practices and ensuring that each project functions to the fullest of capabilities. Each project is implemented by a team of skilled workers who are industry experts in solar electrical and design. Our work is clean, considerate, and provides exceptional value for the life of the solar system.

Solar Inverters

Free Module Level Monitoring

That’s right. When your system is installed and your inspections are completed, we’ll provide FREE monitoring. This monitoring (via SolarEdge) allows our clients and Sol Luna Solar to monitor installed solar systems in real-time.