Why are your neighbors going solar?

New Mexico neighborhoods are looking a little different.

Are you neighbors going solar? Have they already installed solar panels on their roof? If you drive down any street or road in Albuquerque, Corrales, Placitas, or Santa Fe, you are guaranteed to see rooftops covered with solar panels. The solar market continues to boom in New Mexico. With so many benefits the question is no longer why your neighbors are going solar, but rather, why haven’t you gone solar? 

Your neighbors are pretty clever!

One of your neighbors, down the road, or across the street, is making a smart decision for their family and finances. They have calculated the benefits and realized the true value of owning and installing solar panels on their roof. They are ahead of the curve and are benefiting from something so simple and seamless, that by now, they are hardly even aware of it’s presence in their daily lives. Each day, the Sun comes up and their solar panels begin harvesting energy delivering it to their home in the form of electricity. Once they have used up all of the electricity they need, your neighbors send that power throughout the neighborhood, and possibly to you. You in turn, use that electricity to power your own home. 

What your neighbors are not telling you.

While you may think your neighbors are being pretty generous to share all of that extra electricity, they are actually benefiting more than you. You see, your neighbors use up the electricity they need then send out the extra production. This balance of electricity generation at home results in the elimination of your neighbor’s monthly bill.

Notice anything new?

Have you noticed that your neighbors might seem a bit more relaxed these days. Or perhaps they are vacationing more often? By installing solar panels on their roof, you neighbors are now saving big bucks. Wouldn’t you enjoy saving a little more money each month?

How are your neighbors benefiting from solar panels on their roof? 

  1. Get rid of the power bill – The number one reason your neighbors are going solar is to STOP paying a power bill every single month.
  2. Increase home value – Installing solar panels increases the overall value of your neighbor’s home. Solar will make your neighbor’s home more attractive if they ever decide to sell.
  3. Earn tax breaks – Your neighbors are actually getting some excellent tax breaks (30% Federal solar tax credit) because they installed solar panels. These tax credits won’t last forever so it’s best to take advantage now.
  4. Stress – With paying bills comes stress. Not for your neighbors. Since they eliminated their electricity bill, your neighbors are less stressed and happier.

Your neighbors are saving money with solar panels. Wouldn’t you like to?

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