Residential Solar PV Guide

Sol Luna Solar’s Residential Solar PV Guide: Part 2

Sol Luna Solar installs work horse systems that are designed to perform for decades to come using the absolute best equipment available. Because of their performance and price, our systems offer better long-term value than other ‘higher-priced solar systems. Our residential solar PV guide offers an honest, straight-forward illustration of module performance and pricing.

Canadian Solar has manufacturing operations in the North America, South America, and Asia. They are a global powerhouse and produce a majority of the modules that are installed worldwide. With cost-competitive pricing and high volume manufacturing, the company is able to supply customers with price competitive options that do not reduce dependability and performance.

There are higher priced modules on the market that claim better performance and warranty. What many consumers do not realize is that those claims are based on the square footage, or footprint, of the solar module. A Canadian Solar module that is rated at 320w is going to produce that amount. The same goes for any module who name plate rating is 320w or so on. 

Our overwhelming response to these ‘higher-priced’ modules is that the small percentages in performance and output as it pertains to square footage provide little justification for the overwhelming increase in price by installers who sell these types of solar systems.

System Comparisons

We’ve provided in our residential solar PV guide, an example of how our modules (Canadian Solar) stack up against other manufacturers and installers that claim better performance and durability with their higher-priced modules.

Below are output comparisons for two equally sized systems: The first system uses ‘higher-priced modules’ while the Canadian Solar system utilizes more median priced modules. The information was compiled using the latest National Renewable Energy Laboratory System Advisor Model (SAM) and is based on a 25 year system lifespan.

 EXAMPLE 1: 5.12KW System (5,200 watts)

  • Higher-Priced Modules  5.12 kW: Annual energy (AC kWh)  211,488 kWh over 25 years
  • Canadian Solar 5.12 kW: Annual energy (AC kWh)  205,367 kWh over 25 years

The above demonstrates that for equally sized systems, the ‘Higher-Priced Modules’ will make 6,121 kWh more energy over a 25 year period. In today’s dollars that means the ‘ higher-priced module’ system will make $734.52 ($29.03 per/yr) more than a Canadian Solar system, or about 1% more energy in year one.

As a consumer you have to weigh and compare the actual installer price of the higher-priced modules against a Sol Luna Solar system (Canadian Solar modules), in order to measure whether a slight production increase over 25 Years is worth the price premium that the higher-priced module manufacturer advertises.

EXAMPLE 2: In the next example, we’ll show you how adding one extra module (CSI-320Watt) to a Sol Luna Solar system will make a huge difference in system performance, but at a lesser cost than the competing manufacturer/installer.

Installing an additional panel to a 5.12kW system would increase the cost of Sol Luna Solar’s installed price by $650.00. The new system would make 218,205 kWh over 25 years versus the higher-priced manufacturer’s 5.12KW system that makes 211,488 kWh over 25 years.

The Sol Luna Solar installed system will now produce 6,717 kWh over the competing system for 25 years. In addition, Sol Luna Solar systems offer a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty and a module performance warranty of 25 years. We also offer lifetime system monitoring and support for FREE; something our competitors do not include in the package price. We understand how important it is to support our clients long-term and to ensure our customers get the most out of our solar system.

Customers can increase their system size for a nominal feel in order to meet the compared output of the higher-priced module manufacturer. The increase in cost by 1 module, or $650.00, will still save the customer money when compared to the system cost of the competing manufacturer, making our installed system a more economical choice for the performance and cost correlation illustrated above.


Honest Residential Solar PV Guide for our Customers

Customers have many choices when going solar. The benefit of a Sol Luna Solar system is in the value and long-term partnership we provide. We choose to offer the complete package:  performance, energy security, support and monitoring, and realistic pricing; making our solar installations a valuable investment tool for your future.

Long Term Value, Performance, And Monitoring.

Contact Sol Luna Solar to start turning sunshine into savings.

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