Turn Clean Into Green for Local Nonprofits! 

Beginning October 1, 2020 New Mexico homeowners in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos and beyond can take advantage of our ‘Turn Clean into Green for Local Nonprofits’ initiative. For every residential solar system installed by our team we will make a charitable contribution of $200 to a local non-profit.

Each donation will be made to support local programs and services in New Mexico. Upon completion of the solar installation customers will choose from an approved list of local non-profit organizations. Once funding is dispersed the customer will receive notification of the donation made on their behalf.

To get started Contact Us or Call (505) 455-8875.

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Solar and sun - Sol Luna Solar

Solar Power That Shines!

Program Details: The $200 donation can not be substituted as a discount on the cost of the solar system. We offer competitive prices and service. The donation does not affect or change the overall cost of the solar system. Our customers will choose from a list of approved non profit organizations throughout New Mexico. If a customer is unwilling to choose an organization, Sol Luna Solar will make the randomly choose a non profit to donate the funds to. Finally, if customers take part in choosing the nonprofit they will be notified of the donation made on their behalf.

All donations are subject to review.  Donations to political, religious, or activist groups are not permitted.  Only homeowners with new contracts (October 1st and beyond) are eligible. This program is only valid for Sol Luna Solar customers.  Upgrades to existing systems and/or service calls are not eligible.

Solar and sun - Sol Luna Solar