How To Shop For Solar In Albuquerque and Beyond

Tips Every Homeowner Should Know About Going Solar In 2017

Get multiple quotes, accept the best price guarantee.

With Solar installation a homeowner should always shop several companies before choosing their installer. In a typical scenario, homeowners will receive multiple site visits and quotes from a range of solar companies; some local, and others out-of-state. When gathering your information it is important to request specific details regarding the solar panels, the system size, type of mounting (racking), inverter packages, and components.

The customer will want to gather their information and do an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. For best pricing the homeowner will need to request identical quotes for the same services (i.e. a roof mounted price cannot be compared to a ground mount price).

Homeowners will receive a wide array of information from the different companies, but there are several key elements to look for when reviewing quotes for comparison including:

  • Type of equipment used (look at warranties and performance guarantees).
  • Price per watt (rather than overall price, this gives customers a clear price comparison for the solar installation service).
  • Review your Year 1 cash-on-cash return on investment. A solar installation has financial benefits. Make sure you are going to get the best return on your investment before you choose your solar installer.
  • Monitoring packages. Does your installer offer a FREE monitoring package for keeping track of your system’s performance and trouble-shooting potential issues that would require a warranty claim?
  • Will engineering and design be included? Make sure the solar installer offers full-service design and installation from start to finish. No Hidden Fees!
  • Business Stability. Is the prospective solar installer a local company? Do they own their equipment and facilities? These are important questions as they help clients get a sense of the company’s market stability and longevity.
  • Does the solar company subcontract installation? When you are making a big purchase you want security in knowing that your are supported through the process. Sol Luna Solar offers clients a unique experience in that our work is never sub-contracted; thus adding an extra level of care to the installation process.
  • What is the company’s reputation? It’s important to choose a company that adheres to industry best practices and is committed to a higher standard of performance and service in the industry. Sol Luna Solar offers clients access to references, testimonials, and wealth of past project videos and photos to illustrate our workmanship.
Bigger company does not mean better pricing

Bigger isn’t always better, therefore homeowners should always consider ALL of their solar options, not just those companies with the largest advertising budget. Some smaller local companies can offer better pricing than the big box installers. Why? A well developed small business has very little overhead compared that of a larger installer. Sol Luna Solar averages $3000-$5000 less in price than many of the larger solar integrators. We can offer these prices because of our local workforce, smaller employee roster, and lower equipment/rental expenses (because we own our assets). Because we are local, we keep our money in the New Mexico economy; supporting the overall growth of our state.

Compare equipment options and opt for the higher value

In solar, product value is the most important aspect of the installation. A customer must ask, “What return am I going to get for my investment?” Customers need to focus on high performance without increasing costs, and faster return on investment without diminishing quality.

Sol Luna Solar has created the perfect balance of price and performance; return and quality. It’s easy to get tunnel vision when comparing solar options. There are so many aspects of a solar installation that affect price and quality. Often customers get baited into claims of higher performance and better warranty. It’s important to look at the whole picture. A big warranty is only as good as the company that provides it. A customer must do their research to find out if the company offering that warranty is in good standing and positioned for longevity in the marketplace.

In addition, customers need to look at their options for performance and reliability. Why sacrifice price for a nominal edge in performance? Investing in boutique solar panels doesn’t result in higher savings and return on investment. With inverter packages such our our Solar Edge Solution, customers quickly understand the value of choosing an affordable globally positioned module manufacturer (i.e. Canadian Solar) over the boutique brands. With our solutions that nominal edge in performance can easily be achieved with an additional module; and the customer still saves on price.

Take Advantage of Today’s Solar Prices

Most critical to solar installation is understand market changes and anticipating price increases. Today, module prices are increasing due to a pending trade case brought to the International Trade Commission by two bankrupt U.S. solar cell manufacturers. The ITC is currently reviewing the case and preparing recommendations for the President. Those recommendations could impact the U.S. solar market by increasing solar panel prices by 40% in 2018.

With increases quickly approaching (and some installers are already charging higher prices), it’s important to take advantage of the competitive pricing offered by Sol Luna Solar. Our competitive prices, in coordination with the 2017 Federal Tax Credit of 30%, mean New Mexico homeowner’s are eligible for greater savings before the year’s end.

For more information on the Trade Case and its impact on solar panel pricing visit our blog post ‘How will Solar Panel Prices Affect Homeowners in New Mexico‘.

Ultimately, a customer must feel confident about their investment. At the end of the day your 100% satisfaction in whichever product you choose is most important.

Don’t Delay!

Time is running out to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit in 2017.
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