Why You Should Own A Solar Home Battery System

Solar Backup Power For The Homeowner

The home battery system offers several benefits to the homeowner. Utilizing energy storage allows the customer to harvest and store solar power, generated during day time hours, for use at night or during a grid outage. Battery power packs provide peace of mind as customers learn to control their utility costs by understanding the time periods in which electricity costs and demand are higher; bringing significant savings to homeowners.

The use of a home battery systems for backup power is widely accepted for its ability to provide power when the grid goes down; during a power outage.

5 Advantages of a Home Battery System

  1. Use, don’t waste your solar energy.

    Solar energy is produced during the day and whatever you do not consume is exported back to the grid. Rather than exporting the power you produce, some of it can be stored in a home battery backup system for use later on.

  2.  Backup Power During An Outage 

    New Mexico experiences outages throughout the state. These outages can be caused by weather, equipment, humans or animals, and fallen trees. Outages can be inconvenient at best, and are often a prolonged hassle for the homeowner. No matter the cause of the outage, it’s possible to install a home battery system that can provide backup power to your home during utility outages; delivering electricity regardless of the what might be happening with the grid.

  3. Energy Independence

    A home battery storage system gives the homeowner the ability to utilize stored solar energy at night or during a grid outage, lessening the amount of energy the homeowner needs to purchase from the utility company. This decreases your dependence on grid electricity and offers more savings and energy independence.

  4. Relieve Pressure on the Grid

    As populations climb, the pressure for the electricity grid to provide sustained power to the population increases. By using a battery backup system, homeowners reduce that stress on the grid, at peak times, when more power is being demanded by consumers. This lessens the need for costly network upgrades whose costs get past on to the consumers.

  5.  Advanced Technology

    Battery backup technology has evolved over the years into more efficient, and easier to operate systems. The exciting technology being provided by our Sol Luna Solar Storage Solutions offers clients a more economical and reliable approach to home battery storage. The LG CHEM  home power battery system, combined with the safety and reliability of the Solar Edge Residential Inverter offers clients a long-term solution to backup power production. Investing in a backup system allows consumers to bypass traditional means of accessing electricity and avoiding costly increases in price from the utility company.

Should you Invest In Backup Battery Storage?

YES! Home battery technology has improved and has become more affordable to a larger customer base. The efficiency, and ease of use, make these systems more reliable and easier to maintain than previous battery technology. If you are looking to reduce your costs by storing energy for peak periods or simply want a solution for regular or occasional grid outages, look no further than Sol Luna Solar’s home battery solution!

We offer state of the art HOME BATTERY POWER SYSTEMS. 

Let Sol Luna Solar assess your home energy use and determine the best storage options for you!
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