Who Is Installing Your Solar?

In solar there are no cookie cutter projects

Site conditions, shading from trees or neighboring buildings, available space, and roof conditions all play a major role in determining the best location for a solar system. Who you hire to perform the task of designing, engineering, and ultimately installing your solar system can mean the difference between a leaky roof, faulty support, and optimized production.

Sol Luna Solar covers all of these areas with a flawless reputation in the New Mexico solar industry. Our team of professional NABCEP designers and New Mexico licensed engineers mean our customers never have to stress about flaws in design and installation.

A brief company history: Our company was founded by its parent corporation, Los Ebanistas Inc. which has supported a local workforce of builders, carpenters, and electricians for over 30 years. During the last 30 years, our organization has provided high quality and custom construction to Northern New Mexico residents. Our attention to detail stems from our customized carpentry and construction designs, and clean electrical workmanship.

Why is the builder advantage important?

When installing solar at your home or business it is important to consider the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of the project. Our team doesn’t simply throw modules on the roof and walk away. Instead, we have the trusted builder advantage. Sol Luna Solar is able to confidently assess a customer’s residence and determine the best fit, design, and location for the solar array.

Geographic Location Matters

In locations such as Taos and Santa Fe it is important to factor in the traditional flat roof design, taking into account drainage areas, vents, and skylights. These obstructions on the roof affect module placement and can impede proper drainage. Our designers, who have years of experience in construction and solar PV, are able to assess the roof layout and determine module locations that allow water to drain properly from the roof, eliminating the potential for leaks or standing water.

In areas such as Albuquerque roof designs and building architecture range from asphalt shingle, sheet metal, and flat roofs. Again, our focus remains on safety and designing a system that exceeds the industry standard and provides the best production based on the location constraints involved. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are provided a safe and reliable product that lasts.

With all products our engineers assess the roof weight load capabilities of the structural design to determine optimal weight and placement of modules. If a roof is not safe for solar installation we opt for a alternative solution. Sometimes this means forgoing the installation because above all, safety is priority.

.The Sol Luna Solar advantage:

At Sol Luna Solar, we strive to maintain the integrity, honesty, and workmanship established by our parent company. When integrating solar the customer need not look at just the solar panels and product, but also, the whole installation process and the experience over the next 25 years.

Our team is committed to offering clear and transparent services from start to finish; providing customers confidence that the solar systems we install will provide long-term financial benefits, be of superior quality and safety, and are delivered by industry professionals who know solar and electrical design, and also have years of verifiable experience in the construction industry.

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