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grow your business with a solar installation

Why Your Small Business Needs To Go Solar

It Makes Sense To Go Solar Commercial Solar Installation Small business owners are always looking for ways to improve business efficiency, performance, and most importantly, your BOTTOM LINE. As with…
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electric vehicles Solar

Electric Vehicles and Solar

Utilizing Solar To Power Your Electric VehicleElectric Vehicles Solar Electric Vehicles Solar At Sol Luna Solar, we are increasingly seeing car drivers installing solar at their home’s to charge their…
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Rooftop Solar Installation

Rooftop Solar Installation; Avoiding Roof Leaks

Installing Solar Panels on Your RoofRooftop Solar Installation in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos. Rooftop Solar Installation For safety, efficiency, and longevity, Solar panels are not simply laid on surface…
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residential solar pv guide


COMPARING PRODUCTION AND PRICEResidential Solar PV Guide Sol Luna Solar’s Residential Solar PV Guide: Part 2 Sol Luna Solar installs work horse systems that are designed to perform for decades…
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solar energy within reach

Solar Energy Is In Reach

Quality and Low-Cost Solar Energy Solutions Solar Energy Within Reach Solar Energy Within Reach We often encounter customers who are weary of the cost of going Solar. We get it.…
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HELPING YOU THROUGH THE DECISION PROCESS In keeping with our values, Sol Luna Solar is committed to providing honest, transparent information for our clients.  The solar market is flooded with options, all…
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Full service solar provider

Full-Service Solar Provider

WHAT DOES FULL-SERVICE MEAN TO US?Full Service Solar Provider Full Service Solar Provider Not all installers are alike and not every installation company can deliver on its full service solar…
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Technology Brief, Solar Inverters

THE NEW AGE OF SOLAR INVERTERS Inverters play a major role in the health and production of your solar system. The inverter, also considered the brain of your entire PV…
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We are local and proud of it

THE VALUE IN CHOOSING A LOCAL SOLAR COMPANY As a local solar installer, we are constantly faced with the realities of being in competition with national corporations. In New Mexico, almost…
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