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Taos Residential Solar Installation

Are All New Mexico Solar Installers Equal?

The Short Answer Is No! Here's Why. Solar installation companies in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Taos, offer a wide variety of products, with modules and inverters being sourced…
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Residential Solar Installation in Rio Rancho

Solar Best Practices In New Mexico

A Guide To Choosing Your Solar Installation Company Is the company local, founded and based in New Mexico? It’s important to choose a local solar installation company for your electric…
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Home Battery Storage with Solar PV

Why You Should Own A Solar Home Battery System

Solar Backup Power For The HomeownerThe home battery system offers several benefits to the homeowner. Utilizing energy storage allows the customer to harvest and store solar power, generated during day…
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Commercial Solar Installation in Albuquerque, NM

Commercial Energy Storage and Solar

Reduce Your Organizations' Bottom LineIn our service areas including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos; Sol Luna Solar works with businesses to implement more sustainable means for electricity consumption and energy generation. Many of…
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Bernalillo County Solar Installation, Roof Mount

Who Is Installing Your Solar?

In solar there are no cookie cutter projectsSite conditions, shading from trees or neighboring buildings, available space, and roof conditions all play a major role in determining the best location…
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Taos Residential Solar Installation

Purchasing Your Solar System

Avoid Paying More For Solar EnergyDirect ownership, either cash or financed, gives clients a tangible product. Once the modules are installed on the owner’s roof, they belong to the client; not…
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Taos Residential Solar Installation

Roof Top Solar Installation

Installation Options For Every HomeRoof Mounted Grid Tied Solar InstallationFor safety, efficiency, and longevity, Solar panels are not simply laid on the roof. Considerations for wind load and weight must…
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